The Ultimate Guide to Conducting Academic Research across Disciplines

A student is the most creative human being. It is true when they write a topic on any topic and the same idea is implemented into reality. A good amount of ideas are taken by students for further development, but sometimes the execution of the project is not satisfactory. This is where academic research comes in play and helps to improve the project implementation. It is one of the ways through which students can develop their skills. It can either be in a field of business, computer science, engineering, mathematics or chemistry and in most cases it is a combination of all these fields. Here, we will see the different types of academic research and how it can be carried out.

Types of academic research

In order to write an academic paper or dissertation, you need to make use of academic research papers. The reason behind this is that it provides the detailed overview of the topic and makes it easy for the students to follow the guidelines.

There are several types of academic research papers that you can make use of while writing your dissertation. These academic research paper topics will provide you with the information about how to prepare a good dissertation.

The topics that we will be covering here are:

Academic research paper introduction

Academic research paper methodology

Academic research paper conclusion

Academic research paper review


In the first step of any research paper, the students need to write an introduction which is a brief overview of the topic or a short summary of the whole research paper.

The introduction of the dissertation will include a brief overview of the topic, it will describe the different parts of the research paper, it will also explain the importance of each part. It will also present the thesis statement, hypothesis and aim of the whole research paper.

You can start the introduction of your dissertation by stating the aim of your dissertation and also by mentioning the different parts of the research paper.


After the introduction of the dissertation, you need to mention the methodology. In academic research papers, the method will consist of a set of different guidelines that will help you to conduct the research.

These different guidelines will be mentioned in the academic research paper methodology. In the academic research paper, you can discuss about the methods that you will follow while conducting the research.


After discussing about the method, you can come to the conclusion of the research paper. It will include the summary of the whole dissertation. The summary will present the main idea and the purpose of the whole research paper.


Review is the last phase of the academic research paper. When you complete the research paper, you will review the research paper.

In the review of the dissertation, you can check if you have included all the required details in your research paper.

So, that was a brief overview of the different types of academic research papers. If you are looking for academic research paper example, then this article is for you.


So, now you will get the full overview of the different types of academic research papers that you can make use of while preparing a research paper.


There are various types of academic research. It can be divided into four main types; experimental, observational, analytical, and descriptive research. All these are not mutually exclusive and can be conducted in various combinations. These four major types of academic research are as follows:





In the experimental research, the researcher seeks to change some variable within the subject and to observe the resulting change. The outcome of this process can be considered as an experiment. For example, a researcher can conduct a study and increase the temperature of a room. By observing the results, the researcher can deduce that heat causes evaporation, which is a result of a decrease in the humidity of the air.

In observational research, the researcher observes the phenomenon without changing anything. In other words, the researcher tries to observe the natural order of things and tries to learn about them. For example, a researcher can observe the movements of the planets and try to predict the movement of the planets in the future.

In analytical research, the researcher observes the cause and effect relationship. The researcher does not manipulate the experiment, rather, it observes the effects of the manipulation. The researcher observes the cause and effects of changing the variable and tries to find out the reason behind the phenomenon.

Descriptive research is the type that describes the phenomena without modifying the environment. For example, researchers can conduct a study on the prevalence of obesity among children. They can also conduct a survey or a questionnaire that helps them to gather information about the prevalence of obesity.

How to conduct academic research?

Now that we know about the different types of academic research, it is time to discuss how to conduct it. Below is a brief introduction to each of the four main types of academic research:

Experimental research

This is the most commonly used form of academic research. It is the best way to gain knowledge about something. There are two general types of experimental research.

The first one is a between-subjects design, in which the same person or group of people is selected to act as the control and the test. It is also known as a ‘one-to-one’ design.

The second one is a between-subjects design, in which different people are selected for the control and the test groups. It is also known as a ‘one-to-many’ design.

Observational research

This is the second most common way of conducting academic research. This is a great way of gathering data for a thesis because it is a great way to find out how a phenomenon takes place.

Observational research can be done by using a qualitative approach (in the form of observations), a quantitative approach (by collecting and analyzing data, statistics) or a combination of both.

Analytical research

It is one of the most effective and common methods of academic research. This is one of the best ways of gathering data. It involves a process of logical deduction. This can be divided into two parts, the causal and non-causal.


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