How to Use Academic Research to Make a Positive Impact on Society

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Carry On Research

If you are a student in any university then you must know that it is a very busy period of your life. You have lots of assignments to complete and exams are coming in the end of the year, it becomes hectic and you feel pressure and stress. In such situations, you need to relax and have fun as well as learn new things in the university.

Research is a very important part of education. I am sure you are wondering what the role of research in society and what are the benefits of research?

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Carry On Research:

1. Develops knowledge

It is a fact that you won’t get a job unless you have good knowledge of the topic. As soon as you are in a professional field then you need to work according to the standards set by your company.

If you have worked in different fields for the past 10 years or so then you will definitely know that no matter what field you have been in, you should have a minimum of general knowledge on the subject. So, carrying out research will help you to develop knowledge on a specific field.

2. Gives an opportunity to experience

In today’s competitive world, it is very essential that you are well-rounded.

If you are in the IT sector then you need to have knowledge about programming, networking and other technologies. The best way to get this knowledge is to carry out your research. There are plenty of websites which provide you a chance to build your own personal website or blog which will give you an opportunity to get knowledge in different areas.

So, if you are a creative person and you want to make your career as a creative director then you need to explore different kinds of research and you will get ideas which will help you to work effectively.

3. Builds your confidence

In any field, if you don’t have sufficient knowledge then you will have problems. There are thousands of topics and you need to be in the top 10% of your class to get a good grade.

If you are studying Computer science then you need to have a good knowledge of Java, C++, Python and so on. So, if you are not having enough knowledge in these areas then you will feel insecure when you need to face a real-time situation.

So, carrying out research can really help you to develop your confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

4. Helps you to explore

Every time you carry out research, you will have something new to explore. There are so many things that you never knew about the topic, and you will be able to explore different things like software packages, languages, programming and so on.

The best thing about research is that you get to discover different things that you had never heard of.

5. Helps you to develop skills

If you want to be a great leader and develop leadership qualities then you need to practice what you are learning.

There are a lot of different leadership styles which you need to practice and you need to have the right tools to implement them. If you carry out your research then you will be able to find out which leadership style suits you the best.

You will also be able to develop other skills like communication, presentation, analytical thinking, strategic planning and so on.

6. Builds your resume

Resume is one of the most important documents that a professional needs to have.

You need to use your skills and knowledge to impress your employer and get a good position in the company. If you want to impress a recruiter then you need to show him/her what you have achieved in your career so far.

Research is a great way to develop your skills and give you a better chance of getting a job.


Let’s explore in detail.

Academic research is the practice of discovering knowledge, and developing new ideas or insights, through systematic investigation and experimentation. There are various academic areas of research like medicine, biology, chemistry, etc., which are used for the betterment of mankind.

The basic objective behind this research is to provide effective and beneficial solutions to different problems.

Research is a core component of academia, and without it, no school could run for any duration. The research activity gives the students an opportunity to learn the skills of questioning and investigation.

It teaches the students to make effective conclusions and also helps them to develop a sound and comprehensive understanding of a particular topic.

It is a great tool for the researchers, as well as the academics, to understand the subject thoroughly.

Here are some advantages of academic research.

Creates awareness

By performing research, the students develop an awareness about their area of study, and the benefits that can be derived by adopting these skills in real life.

It helps the students to make an overall progress, rather than focusing on a single course.

It motivates the students to do their best and develop themselves as well.

Helps to understand the nature

The nature is the most important aspect of any subject. But only if we understand the nature of our subject, we can improve ourselves and also the society.

As per our research, it is proved that, the nature of a student is directly proportional to his or her learning and development.

It makes a good impact on society.

Increases confidence level

The confidence levels of a person increase if he or she performs well in their studies. If you perform poorly, then you will feel depressed, and you can’t face the world.

It increases self-esteem and helps to gain recognition among the people.

Helps to make a positive impact on society

By doing research, the student will know what is the importance of their work, and how they can use it to make a positive impact on the society.

It makes them aware of the social and economic issues.

Helps them to build a strong character

We live in a very competitive and high-pressure world.

It is important to keep a good mental balance, so as to achieve success in life.

Academic research helps you to learn the importance of making a positive impact on the society and also the benefits of doing it. It also improves your confidence level and your character.


This was my article about the power of academic research. So, don’t wait and start your research.

I have also provided you with a list of the most common research methods, and you can choose one from this list.

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