How to Conduct Effective Literature Reviews for Your Academic Research


How to Conduct Effective Literature Reviews for Your Academic Research

In the present time we have become more and more busy and have limited time to complete the tasks and assignments, so it is important to spend some time for writing academic papers.

I know that this seems little weird but you need to write about things that matter to you, this will improve your skills.

If you are the one who has never written academic papers before then you might feel little bit stressed because of writing a paper, but it is really simple if you follow some rules. If you have decided to write your thesis or dissertation then it is better to do the proper preparation because you will not waste any time and it will be more convenient to write it.

How To Prepare A Good Paper Writing Service

We know how difficult to write a good paper is, because the writer needs to have a strong grasp of English grammar, vocabulary and style. Therefore, we provide a service that makes writing academic papers easier for everyone. The key to a successful essay is a good thesis statement. We can help you prepare this.

What is a good thesis statement

A good thesis statement can help you decide what you want to argue and why.

For example, you might want to argue that you are better than your peers. You might want to argue that your paper is of a higher quality, or you might want to explain the concept of “the author as character”.

If you don’t know where to begin your thesis, it is always best to start with the topic sentence. If the paper is about sports, your topic sentence might start with something like:

“The author believes that…”


“The author argues that…”

If the paper is about history, then your topic sentence might start with:

“The author asserts that…”


“The author contends that…”

Your thesis is often the first sentence in the paragraph. However, you may want to start it with one of your supporting sentences. This way, you can build up to your thesis sentence.

How to write a good thesis

Now, you will know how to write a good thesis. Now you will know what to write in the thesis and what to write in the body. If you think that your essay is lacking ideas, then use your outline as a guide to fill in the blanks.

Remember that the structure of an academic paper is very rigid. You may be able to work around this by using different types of paper. For example, you could write your thesis statement first and then use your outline as a framework for your introduction.

If you are using a narrative approach, then you can make your body the main character. You can argue the points in the body as they arise. You can then finish your paper with a conclusion to round things off.

If you need help with a dissertation or a thesis, then you can get it from our professional writers.

Thesis statement

The thesis is a single sentence summarising your argument. It is the first sentence of your essay. You will often start your paper with a statement of this kind.


You have three paragraphs for your introduction. You will include a topic sentence, a supporting sentence and a conclusion. The topic sentence will be your thesis, and the other two sentences will be used to make your case.


You will need to organise your thoughts in four parts:

Title: You will include a title, and it should be a one-line summary of your paper.

Introduction: This is the part where you introduce the body of your paper. You need to provide a detailed summary of your argument, along with evidence for it. You also need to make sure that you use supporting information to back up your argument.

Discussion: This is where you develop your argument. This is where you build up to your conclusion and explain why you believe what you are saying.

Conclusion: Finally, you come to your conclusion. You need to explain why you are right. You also need to summarise the evidence that you have presented in the body.


You will write a conclusion when you have finished all three of the above parts. You will close by stating your main arguments and the implications of those arguments.

Your conclusion should be clear, concise, and complete. Remember to focus on your purpose. If you are writing a dissertation, then you should focus on your purpose in a


A thesis is basically a long essay in which you write about the topic that you have chosen for your dissertation.


The first paragraph is the first impression and introduction of the entire paper. You need to tell the reader what the entire paper is about. The introduction will explain how your dissertation will be beneficial to the readers.


The body consists of three parts which are main body, discussion and conclusion. All of the main points in the dissertation need to be included in the body. In the discussion part, you need to write your point and defend it.


Finally, the conclusion needs to be written and you need to add the key points of your entire dissertation.


I have given you an overview of the three sections of the paper. You can also get other tips and guidelines from a professional writer.

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