11 Essential Tips for Successful Academic Research

Everyone likes to learn new things and we do that through books and research. But while going through those books or research papers it is very important to understand the basics and basic concepts. Here I am sharing some essential tips for successful academic research.

6 Effective Ways To Overcome Anxiety

There are thousands of people around you who have anxiety disorder. Many of these people are in your daily life.

Some people don’t have any signs of mental disorder. They look fine but it is actually inside that they are struggling with anxiety and panic attacks.

In case, you are one of those people and also looking for some helpful anxiety tips, then read this article and let’s start the guide.

You don’t need any treatment or pills to cure your problem, the solution is really simple and it doesn’t cost you anything either.

I’m talking about ‘Preparation’. You will see your anxiety symptoms vanish just by following the tips and tricks mentioned in this article.

I’m sure you have already heard of ‘Mindfulness’. You can find it in many self-help books. You can also find it on most of the blogs and websites.

But I’m sure you didn’t hear that this is a very effective technique to overcome anxiety.

Mindfulness isn’t the only method, but it’s surely one of the most effective methods to overcome anxiety.

This is because Mindfulness makes you think more and gives you more time to reflect.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 6 effective ways to overcome anxiety.

1. Relax your mind

It is very easy to relax your mind. What do you need? A pen and a piece of paper.

Just sit in front of your computer or a notebook and write down everything that is going on in your mind. Write down thoughts, emotions, fantasies, memories, anything and everything.

Don’t censor yourself. Just write everything that is happening in your head and let it come out. You can use your imagination too. You can imagine how it is if you had overcome your problem.

2. Think of positive thoughts

People usually say that we should not think of the negative side, but I disagree with that. If you think about negative things, you will feel bad and that will bring more anxiety to your head.

Instead, think of something that is going well. If you are having a hard time in exams, then you can think of the times when you were good in the tests and you got a great score.

If you are a person who is afraid of getting into a relationship, then you can think of the first relationship you had and the first time you got a kiss from someone.

Do not think of the bad things that are going on in your mind, think of something positive and try to find the reasons behind it.

3. Spend time with your friends

If you spend time with your friends and talk to them about the problems that are troubling you, then your mind will relax and you will be able to control it.

Make sure that you talk to your friends about the positive things too. I’ve met many people who were scared of talking to their friends. If you have such a fear, then you can talk to your friends about it and it will be like a relief.

If you don’t talk to your friends, then you will only suffer and become a slave to your problem.

4. Write a note for yourself

If you are a person who suffers from anxiety attacks, then it is better for you to make a note for yourself.

Writing a note is the easiest way to bring a smile on your face and to calm down your mind. You can write down your worries and fears and then put them in the box. You can keep a blank piece of paper in your pocket and write down your notes as and when you feel a surge of panic.


Before going for academic research you should be prepared, you need to know what type of research you are going to do. It means that you need to prepare your mind first, this is the key point to start doing any kind of research work.

Create a topic and a plan:

Once you have chosen a research topic then the next thing that you should consider is creating a plan, you need to plan everything before starting it. This is one of the most difficult things because you might not understand well what you are going to do and how you are going to perform.

Make A List of The Required Tools For Your Skin Care Routine

Are you looking to buy some new tools for your skin care routine? So, now the question comes in your mind that how do you buy those items, right?

Let me tell you that buying the skin care products from online stores are not that easy as compared to the offline store, but you can surely save some bucks. Now, let me tell you what is the use of all those products that you are planning to buy.

1. Clarify The Purpose Of Every Single Product – I know this may sound little weird but don’t be in hurry to get that product just because of its fancy name. There is nothing special or super functional in those skin care products, but the brand itself will make you look glamorous.

2. Get Some Reviews – Now this may sound a little strange to you, but when you are shopping in the store then you will get to see the reviews written by the customers. These reviews will help you to decide the product and the brand itself. And the best thing is that you won’t need to visit the store and ask questions to get the answers.

3. The Package Will Tell You Everything – As I said above that you will need to read the package. The product description and the list of ingredients will tell you everything that you need to know. You will learn how to use the product and whether it is safe for you or not.

4. Ask Questions To The Experts – This is the most important step. After reading all the product details and reviewing the package, now it is time to speak to someone about it. Ask as many questions as you can and always seek the opinion of experts. I am sure you will get an answer to all the queries that you had in mind.

5. Choose Wisely – As I said above, you will need to choose wisely to get the perfect skin care products. Don’t just pick up the product without any reasoning. Choose the one which is the best for your skin and that will help you to stay beautiful for a longer time.


Now that you know the important tips for purchasing skin care products, it is time to shop. All that you need to do is choose the one which suits you the most. Choose wisely and get the best of skin care products.


It is very important that you should have a proper list of the tools and equipment that you are going to use. You need to know what tools and equipment are required to complete your research. Some of them will be your personal and some of them will be provided by the library. You should keep it in mind that when you get the required tools then you need to organize it properly.

Learn the subject:

When you start doing any research work, you need to know what exactly you are researching and what you are learning. In case you are not clear about the subject then you need to go for further reading. You can read some of the popular books or online resources.

Use online sources:

If you are unable to find anything on your topic then you can search on the internet and read various sources. You can find almost everything on the internet, so use the internet as your best friend for any kind of research.

Keep notes:

It is very important to keep notes for each and every step that you have to do, this will make it easier to remember and it will also help you to write in a better way. You should start collecting the data from the beginning as you may not get the exact idea of the research work in the beginning.


Finally, I hope you liked this post and you can use these tips in the future. As you know, these are the basic tips that you need to know to perform an effective academic research. You may also like to read our other posts on effective academic research, you can click the following links:

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